is a committed and professional company that believes in abiding by all the necessary rules and practices to protect our client’s interest and privacy. As a company resolved to deliver excellence we are determined to bring maximum value to all our services and products.

With these aims in mind, we would like to present before you a comprehensive Privacy Policy which has been crafted to protect any private or business information that you have shared with us. It is our humble request to all our customers and prospective clients to familiarise with the privacy policies presented below.

Contact Information

As a company we do not commence direct contact with the customers unless they present us with their contact details through our website forums. The data is submitted to us voluntarily by the customers and we are committed not to disclose or share this information with any third party and shall use it only to communicate with the customer regarding the business.

Website cookies

Cookies are tiny files that web portals store on your local device. And it is cookies that help these websites remember the customizations and aid in login and other functionalities. It should be noted that websites can store cookies only if the users permit it and we would like to highlight that our users are free to deny our website the permission to create cookies. This can be done when you see the popup box while visiting our website.

Utilizing user data

We would like to emphasize that the data that you present to the portal through the website or our formal communication channels will be protected with fool-proof authentication methods. This data can also be accessed only by our authorized employees with the required credentials. As a professional company, we assure you that your data will not be sold or given to any third-party or agency. However, our company cannot be held accountable for the loss/theft of data or security breach arising from any third party website whose link appears on our website. Please note that such links are there only for information and not intended for any endorsing purpose.

User Data Safety

Our website,, values data safety and has thus set up extensive security programs with the aim of protecting your personal or corporate data. The company is committed towards taking all mandatory actions to prevent any kind of misappropriation, modification or stealing of your data. All your data is stored in firewalled systems and we assure you that only permitted members of our company can have access to it.

As a company that is hugely concerned about privacy issues, as an additional measure has installed physical and technical infrastructures that reinforce the security of your data.

We understand how vital data is and that is why our company gathers only information that is imperative for the project and that too only with the voluntary consent of the client. All data that we gather is presented to us by our clients in good faith and considering our credibility, and we do not collect data on our own volition. Any additional data is requested from the client only if deemed indispensable for the successful completion of the projects assigned to us. understands what it is to maintain the sanctity of data and hence takes all steps to keep user data safe and secure so that there is no chance of purposeful distortion, damage or unlawful duplication. As a safety measure we take utmost care to meticulously wipe off all data from our systems after the end of association with the client.

User rights

As a user approaching, you are well guarded by your rights, and hence have the full freedom to suspend, terminate or pause the jobs assigned to us. All data delivered to us will be wiped out from our systems without any chance of recovery if the customer requests.

Customer service is at the core of our business and that is why we would like our customers to get in touch with us to get clarifications on any of our privacy statement, if they wish so.